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Our Membership saves you even more!


Enroll in 1 of 2 Membership Plans:

Plan 1 - $159.00 saves 10%
Plan 2 - $250.00 saves 15%

 Upgrade to either plan of your choosing. Valid for 12 months.


FREE X-Rays & Exams All Year!

ALL NEW PATIENTS will require a full comprehensive Examination and X-Ray at their initial visit. Most insurance companies cover this at 100%. But if you do not have insurance -- you will also receive x-rays and exams at no cost. as many times as you'd like after enrollment. 

Save 10%-15% on General & Cosmetic Services! 

Members of SKYS Dental Art will receive 10-15% off all general and most cosmetic treatment fees. This includes basic procedures like fillings, extractions, deep cleanings, root canals, and so much more.

Cosmetic treatments can include teeth whitening, veneers, & any treatment that primarily focuses on the appearance of your smile. Invisalign and implants are the only treatments that will not receive this discount percentage, but are instead set at a dollar discount value for members to enjoy. 

Add Other Family Members!

Members can apply this discount to other family members for a small fee. Add adult dependents for $100.00 each, or children for $50.00 each.

Updated Membership details above are active as of 02-09-2023. Discounts apply to most treatments with some exclusions. Enroll today or contact us for any questions!

Payment Plan Options

Get Treatment Immediately & Pay Over Time

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For patients who prefer to pay over time, SKYS Dental Art proudly offers CareCredit -- a highly-regarded medical financing agency designed to help you and your family pay for treatment if you are without insurance. This program offers a variety of payment plans with manageable rates and options to extend your term for payment if necessary.


This can be combined with our In-House Membership Discount Plan! With financing plans that vary in range from 6 ~ 24 month terms, we can assure multiple options are available for you and your family that won't break the bank. No-interest plans can be selected from your options plus the guarantee of no-upfront costs or pre-payment penalties.  

APPLYING IS EASY! Use our link below to check if you prequalify before even making the commitment of opening an account. This prequalification check is a soft inquiry so there is no need to worry about an impact on your credit score -- simply apply online and you'll find out if you're approved in minutes. You can also use CareCredit's monthly payment calculator to get an estimate of monthly payments in respect to the amount you request.

How Much Does Treatment Cost?

TEXT OR CALL our team at (610) 926-9300 to ask the cost of services, request a free cosmetic dental consultation, discuss CareCredit, or to schedule an appointment with us today! 😉

Payment Options
How Much?
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