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Implants & Dentures in Blandon, PA

(And what it costs)

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Quoting the cost of dental implants is not as simple as you may believe. Implants can generally cost from as low as $1,500 up to $6,000 per Implant. To determine this cost - it is essential that our doctor studies the health of your jawbone and holds an in-depth understanding of the desires and expectations of your smile. As no two patients are the same, each implant case will be unique. 

To find implant cost, you must visit SKYS for an examination. We will discuss your options and forecast the cost of your treatment before we start anything. Of all tooth restoration options available, an implant will behave and feel the most like a real tooth for long-term relief. Because of this dental implants are admittedly the more expensive choice of restoration compared to a removable denture or bridge.

We are happy to offer FREE IMPLANT & DENTURE CONSULTATIONS to discuss all financial outcomes and options before we begin treatment. 

Fixed Implant Dentures

(All on 2 or All on 4)


The All-on-4 Denture System also referred to as a "fixed denture", is an implant supported denture that provides a more natural and permanent experience than traditional dentures. By using four implant screws to secure a special type of denture -- this treatment eliminates traditional characteristics of standard dentures like slipping out of place, affecting speech patterns, or experiencing the difficulties of eating hard and chewy foods.
SKYS Dental Art is proudly equipped to provide a brand new smile in just two simple visits with this treatment. While implants may be the most realistic solution to replace missing teeth, All on 4 or 2 dentures can often be a more affordable option, with better benefits than a traditional denture.

Traditional Denture Solutions


Our team is happy to discuss your missing teeth options at no cost by scheduling a FREE DENTURE (or) IMPLANT CONSULTATION.

While traditional dentures are commonly associated with seniors, many young people are wearing them too! Our family dentistry is proud to also offer both full and partial removable dentures made with advanced, modern materials that are lighter and softer with an improved ability to conform a snuggly fit onto your jaw. This option is typically more affordable than an implant denture mentioned above.

What is our Implant Procedure?


The 3 Components of an Implant:
Implant, Abutment, & Crown

Step 1: Initial Evaluation


Our dentist will first do a comprehensive examination to determine the condition of your jawbone and the best dental implant procedure. This first evaluation includes X-rays, taking impressions, and matching the color of your teeth to make your implant look as natural as possible. 


We will determine how many teeth you want to replace with implants, which could take some additional planning with other dental specialists, like periodontists, depending on your oral health condition. 


We will also discuss all your medical conditions and medications. Depending on your condition or orthopedic implants, you may need to take antibiotics before the surgery to avoid infection.


Step 2: Tooth Extraction (If Necessary)

If you still have a tooth remaining that needs replacing, we will remove it before the treatment is performed.  We will discuss anesthesia options and most likely use a local anesthetic of Novocain (or lidocaine) to numb and take away any pain. It shouldn't take long to remove unless it's fractured.

Step 3: Inserting the Implant 

Our implants will either be inserted into your jawbone or directly under the gumline depending on the vitality of your jaw. Implants need a jawbone strong and thick enough to allow functional chewing. If your jaw needs more bone to support the implant, a Bone Graft will be performed at an additional cost.

While you may need to allow the bone to heal for a short period, the implant itself will then be inserted and take roughly 3-9 months to permanently merge with the jawbone.

Step 4: Abutment Placement

Once the jaw has healed from the implant insertion in step three, we will place an abutment on top the implant to connect it to your crown. This step should not cause discomfort or pain. We will apply local anesthesia  to the abutment and you will just feel some mild pressure.

Step 5. Adding the Permanent Crown


Once your implant is finally secure in your jawbone and the healing process has been completed, our doctors will develop a crown/artificial tooth to finalize your implant. If there are multiple teeth you have chosen to restore - you will determine whether you'd like a permanent implant or removable options which include bridges or dentures.

TEXT OR CALL our patient coordinator at (610) 926-9300 for any questions, or to schedule your free implant or denture consultation. Our dentistry serving Blandon, Fleetwood, Leesport, Temple, Shoemakersville, and Kutztown PA is here to keep you smiling. (You may also use the button below)

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