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Invisalign® Near Me

Pay 50% down and we'll take $500.00 off your total!

Gain a more confident and healthy smile with Invisalign® treatments in Blandon, Fleetwood, Leesport PA, and surrounding areas! Crooked teeth not only affect your appearance but also the health of your teeth. Misaligned and crowded teeth can be difficult to keep clean, and their position can negatively impact your bite. Malocclusion, or a “bad” bite, can lead to uneven pressure on the enamel, wearing down the dental tissue which can lead to jaw pain and damaged teeth over time.

How Much Does Invisalign® Cost?


There are many factors to consider when determining the cost of Invisalign Nearby. These factors include:

  • Geographic location of service 

  • Your overall state of oral health

  • The severity of issues being corrected 

  • How long your treatment is required

  • Location of treatment (top row, bottom row, or both)

Typically patients can expect to pay anything between $3,000~$6,000 (or more for complex cases). Today, many dental plans can include some coverage of clear aligners when certain conditions are met by the patient. We also offer lending options to start your treatment today and pay over time.


Our doctors at SKYS Dental Art are certified Invisalign providers which will ensure that you are guided by the top Invisalign specialist in Blandon, Fleetwood, Reading PA and surrounding areas. 

Looking for a Consultation?

We are proud to offer Free Consultations for Invisalign Treatment! During your consultation, you will have the chance to sit 1 on 1 with the doctor to discuss your smile goals, your expectations out of Invisalign treatment, and the potential costs of every option at your disposal.


It is important to note that there will be no x-rays taken during your initial consultation unless you agree to a treatment option and decide to begin. This consult serves as an opportunity to familiarize yourself with our team, your treatment, and a rough estimate of what everything will cost.


TEXT OR CALL our team at (610) 926-9300 to ask questions, request a free consultation, or schedule an appointment with us today! 

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