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Lumineers® are one of our most conservative cosmetic treatments at SKYS Dental Art. While they are a type of dental veneer, they are designed to fit over the tooth without needing to grind down enamel. Many veneers require the dentist to prep the treatment site by roughening the surface of the tooth. However, with a Lumineers treatment in Blandon, Pennsylvania, our dentist can apply this restoration over the top of the tooth while conserving as much of the original structure as possible.

Each Lumineers treatment requires two separate appointments. During your initial visit to SKYS Dental Art, Dr. Ashalatha Kancharla will take an impression and make a mold of your smile, which will be sent to the DenMat lab. In addition, patients will choose the color of their Lumineers restoration during this first appointment.

At the second appointment, our dentist will have received the custom Lumineers from the DenMat lab. The custom restoration will then be bonded to the surface of the tooth. Once the bond has been set, the new Lumineers can hide imperfections in the smile, blending in naturally with neighboring teeth and improving the overall look of your smile. Schedule your first Lumineers appointment by calling our office at 610-926-9300. Our team can also go over your other options for cosmetic restoration with our practice.

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