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Solea® Dental Laser

(No drilling over here!)

To help our patients get high quality care, SKYS Dental Art works with modern dental technology and tools. One of these tools is the Solea® laser. Made by Convergent Dental, Solea helps provide better treatment for dental procedures and surgeries by using a CO2 computer system. The laser can be used with a variety of treatments, allowing our dentist, Dr. Ashalatha Kancharla, to accurately and comfortably complete procedures.

Whether our office is treating the soft tissue, bone or other hard tissues, patients can enjoy an improved experience. With a laser-supported surgery, patients can enjoy:

  • More comfortable procedures — Solea procedures are extremely gentle and rarely need anesthesia.

  • Quick visits — The wavelength of the device allows Solea to operate quickly and lessen treatment time.

  • More accurate treatment — Our dentist is able to have better control over the procedure for accurate results.

  • Treatment on multiple sites — The speed and accuracy of the laser system allows our dentist to treat multiple sites at once. Patients can come in for one single appointment rather than scheduling multiple appointments at our office.

Enjoy some of the latest in dental technology with the help of our practice’s Solea laser dentistry in Blandon, Pennsylvania. Learn more about this technology and our other services by calling us at 610-926-9300 today!

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