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Dr. Ashalatha Kancharla, DDS

About Our Practice

We at SKYS Dental Art are committed to hearing your dental concerns and providing your teeth with the best care possible! Dr. Ashalatha Kancharla can get you a healthier, more beautiful smile with the help of our complete care and advanced technology. From digital scanners and X-rays, to more comfortable drills and anesthesia - our tools help keep you and your family at ease throughout your entire appointment.


We love same-day appointments. Call or text our team at (610) 926-9300 to ask us any questions, book your appointment online, or call to schedule with our office today!

(Adults and Children Welcome!)


Introducing Dr. Smita Singhal

Give a big hello to SKYS' lead doctor! After graduating BDS from India's Modern Dental College and Research Centre, Smita attended the University of Buffalo where she worked to receive her post-grad degree in Endodontics (2019). 

With now just 4 years of practice in the Blandon area, she has already used her advanced training in Invisalign and Endo to fully equip our practice with an arsenal of effective, transformative smile procedures. When Smita is working with patients, she still continues to stay up to date on the most modern dental practices.

Outside the office, Dr. Smita is both a wife and loving mother who simply adores spending quality time with her family. 

Dr. Smita Singhal, BDS

Our Clinic

SKYS Dental Art: Patient Room 1
SKYS Dental Art: Patient Room 2
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