Experiencing severe tooth pain? You might have damage to the internal structure of the tooth. When the internal “pulp” of the tooth becomes infected or is injured through accident, it can cause damage to these nerves and soft tissue layers. If this damaged is not fixed, the infection can spread and affect the entire tooth. Eventually, the living dental tissue can die off, and the tooth will need to be extracted to prevent further infection.

Visit our practice for endodontic treatments including root canal therapy in Blandon, Pennsylvania. Our dentist can help treat the source of your symptoms and protect your tooth from further damage. Come in for an appointment, and Dr. Ashalatha Kancharla can examine the affected tooth. Depending on the extent of the damage, a root canal may or may not be recommended. If it is recommended, our office will first administer an anesthetic or form of sedation. This helps you feel comfortable during the procedure and allows our dentist to work more efficiently. Then, the injured or infected tissue is removed. After the site has been cleaned, a filling material will be used to restore lost dental tissue. Finally, a dental crown or other restoration will be placed over the site.

Our practice invites you to learn more about root canals and endodontics by calling SKYS Dental Art at 610-816-6945.