Have your teeth been injured, cracked, suffered tooth decay or otherwise weakened? Let our dentist restore your damaged smile! If you are suffering from dental damage, there are many ways to repair your teeth. From fillings to dental implants to bridges, Dr. Ashalatha Kancharla gets you a treatment that fits your needs. One of our common restorations is a dental crown treatment. Dental crowns strengthen the weakened structure, especially when a filling cannot fully repair a tooth.

Crowns can help both the look and function of your smile. If you have any of the following, SKYS Dental Art may recommend a crown treatment.

  • Extensive damaged or otherwise lost dental tissue
  • Uneven or irregularly shaped teeth
  • A tooth that has gone through a root canal treatment
  • Cracks or otherwise weakened dental tissue
  • A dental implant restoration that needs to be covered
  • A dental bridge that needs to be anchored
  • A need to improve a tooth’s overall appearance

Improve the health, look and function of your smile with dental crowns in Blandon, Pennsylvania. Our dentist can get you the care you need. Whether you are coming in for a crown or some other cosmetic or restorative treatment, SKYS Dental Art can help. Simply call us at 610-816-6945 to plan a visit!