Improve the appearance of your teeth without costly procedures. The Snap-On Smile® is a cosmetic treatment that can address a wide range of cosmetic issues, such as:

  • Slight misalignment or crowding
  • Worn or eroded enamel
  • Staining on the enamel
  • A missing tooth or multiple teeth
  • Gapping between the teeth
  • Teeth with small chips, breaks or fractures
  • Irregularities in the surface or shape of the teeth

Our Snap-On Smile treatment in Blandon, Pennsylvania, is an easy way to get a great smile. Using an oral appliance, the Snap-On Smile “snaps” over the teeth. This treatment covers damaged teeth completely from gum to crown. The appliance itself is made of a thin but strong resin that can last for years. The shade of the material can also be made to match the color of your natural teeth.

Snap-On Smiles may also be used as an alternative to other restoration procedures, such as dental implants or bridges. (Candidates not eligible for dental implants or bridges may be better suited to a Snap-On Smile treatment.) Depending on your particular issue, Dr. Ashalatha Kancharla may recommend this treatment or another one of our cosmetic procedures. Find out more by calling 610-816-6945, and our dental team can schedule you an appointment with our dentist at SKYS Dental Art.