Find a way to gain confidence, as well as a healthier smile, with Invisalign® treatments in Blandon, Pennsylvania! Crooked teeth not only affect your appearance but also the health of your teeth. Dental health is greatly affected by the alignment of the teeth. Misaligned teeth can be difficult to keep clean, and their position can have negative impacts on your bite. Malocclusion, or a “bad” bite, can lead to uneven pressure on the enamel, wearing down the dental tissue. Over time, this can lead to jaw pain and damaged teeth. To prevent this, seek out help from Dr. Ashalatha Kancharla.

During your appointment, our dentist can examine your smile and come up with an effective treatment plan. With Invisalign, you will receive custom appliances that are designed specifically to fit your teeth. These aligners are made of a clear plastic that is nearly invisible when worn. Each is also removable so that you can drink and eat foods normally. The appliances are also designed to be removed about every two weeks. Small changes in the design gradually shift the teeth into the desired alignment for beautiful results. Schedule a visit with SKYS Dental Art, where our dentist can plan your Invisalign treatment based on your specific needs. Simply call 610-816-6945 today!