Cosmetic dentistry addresses problems that affect the appearance of your smile. SKYS Dental Art provides several different treatments that can improve and repair your smile’s appearance. Some of these include:

Each of these treatments can help you get a better, more beautiful smile. Cosmetic procedures help repair many different issues, such as:

  • Misshapen or irregularly shaped teeth
  • Teeth worn down by age or use
  • Missing or gapped teeth
  • Discoloration caused by health issues, medication or aging
  • Chips or cracks on the surface of the teeth
  • Damage from a restoration treatment
  • Uneven or large spacing in between teeth
  • Teeth that look overly long, pointed or short

Improve the health and look of your smile with our dentist’s cosmetic dentistry in Blandon, PA. When patients have a beautiful smile, not only can they have more confidence but also better functioning, healthier teeth. Whether you are looking to repair damage to the teeth or simply whiten the teeth, our practice can recommend the right treatment for you. If you have a question about our cosmetic treatments, phone our office at 610-816-6945 to speak with our dental team. You can also schedule an appointment with our dentist, Dr. Ashalatha Kancharla, who will help outline a treatment plan in Blandon, Pennsylvania.